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Introducing Pest2Kill Drummoyne, situated between Iron Cove and Five Dock Bay, with the Parramatta River surrounding it on three sides. Drummoyne shares its historic charm with neighbouring Five Dock and Abbotsford.

We’ve earned a solid reputation with over 750 five-star reviews, making us the trusted name in pest management. Whether it’s homes, offices, businesses, or schools, we bring our pest control expertise to every situation.

Our skilled technicians are not only highly trained but also genuinely dedicated. They provide professional pest control services while maintaining top-notch customer service standards. When you choose Pest2Kill, you’re not just getting expert pest management; you’re also getting exceptional customer care.

Bid farewell to pest worries and welcome Pest2Kill, your reliable partner in pest control.

German cockroach infestation in the kitchen of a Sydney house.

Our Services

We provide Pest Management services Sydney-wide for our loyal customer base of both Residential and Commercial customers including Real Estate, Strata and Property Management agencies.

We offer residential and commercial treatments for:

General Pest Control


Bed Bugs



German Cockroaches




Termite Inspections

End of Lease Inspections

General Pest Control Drummoyne

Our recent expansion into Drummoyne has been met with immense popularity, with our General Pest Control Service taking the lead. This all-encompassing service effectively tackles all those pesky intruders, including cockroaches, ants, spiders, and silverfish. Rest easy knowing that it’s safe for both your beloved pets and precious little ones, thanks to our pet and child-friendly approach.

We take our commitment to your pest-free peace of mind seriously, which is why we back our service with a generous six-month free-call-back warranty. Should those unwanted visitors return during this warranty period, our team will promptly revisit your home for a follow-up treatment, completely free of charge. It’s this unwavering guarantee that has made Pest2Kill the preferred choice for many residents in Drummoyne and surrounds.

End of Lease Treatment Drummoyne

For Drummoyne residents who are tenants with furry companions, an essential requirement upon moving out is the completion of an end-of-lease pest treatment for your property. At Pest2Kill, we are well-versed in the precise measures and specialized tools needed to guarantee that your living space is entirely pest-free before you hand over the keys to your real estate agent.

In fact, our expertise is not only recognised by countless reputable Property Management agencies in Drummoyne but also extends across Sydney. We take pride in issuing fully compliant digital certificates on the very same day as the End of Lease Treatment. This means you can swiftly furnish your real estate agent with the necessary documentation to expedite the release of your bond money. Your peace of mind and a smooth transition are our top priorities at Pest2Kill.

Fleas Pest Control Drummoyne

Pest2Kill stands as your trusted local authority in the battle against flea infestations. Fleas, with their discreet presence and concealed larvae, can present a formidable challenge, even for the most dedicated pest control endeavours. Fortunately, Pest2Kill is here to provide the solution, right at in Drummoyne.

Our specialisation lies in the realm of cutting-edge flea removal techniques, offering swift and enduring relief for both your residence and business. Don’t allow these troublesome nuisances to disrupt your daily life – place your trust in Pest2Kill for expert flea control services that guarantee effective results.

Cockroach Pest Control Drummoyne

When it comes to comprehensive cockroach control services in Drummoyne and its neighbouring suburbs, Pest2Kill stands as your dependable pest control provider. Our team of experts are fully committed to safeguarding your home or business from these resilient pests. We employ the most up-to-date pest control methods, eco-friendly solutions, and leverage our local expertise to ensure you receive efficient and long-lasting results.

Don’t allow cockroaches to compromise your comfort and hygiene any longer – make the wise choice by opting for Pest2Kill’s reliable and professional cockroach control services. Your well-being and peace of mind is our top priorities.

German Cockroaches Control Drummoyne

The charming Sydney suburb of Drummoyne, along with other areas, often contends with a common pest issue – German cockroaches. These diminutive creatures, smaller than their American counterparts, tend to make themselves at home in kitchens and bathrooms. Dealing with them can prove to be quite a challenge, given their specific characteristics, and it demands a precision-focused strategy.

Fortunately, the solution lies in the capable hands of our seasoned team at Pest2Kill. We are adept at tackling German cockroach infestations, bringing our knowledge and experience to the forefront to effectively address this issue for our valued clients. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Termites Pest Control Drummoyne

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your Drummoyne property against the ever-present menace of termites, Pest2Kill is your trusted ally. Our expert termite services in Drummoyne are meticulously crafted to offer all-encompassing protection. We harness cutting-edge techniques and time-tested strategies to not only detect and treat termite infestations but also to prevent their recurrence.

Our seasoned team is well-acquainted with the distinct challenges that Drummoyne’s environment presents in the realm of termite control. With an unwavering dedication to excellence and a well-documented history of successful interventions, Pest2Kill proudly holds the mantle as the foremost choice for termite services in Drummoyne. Safeguard your valuable investment – make the prudent choice by selecting Pest2Kill for dependable and proactive termite management. Your peace of mind remains our top priority.

Rats/Rodents Pest Control Drummoyne

In Drummoyne, the presence of rats and other rodents can quickly escalate from a nuisance to a serious concern, causing damage to your belongings and posing significant health risks. At Pest2Kill, our skilled team employs cutting-edge techniques to tackle these pests with efficiency.

Our approach extends beyond the conventional placement of baits and traps, delivering noticeable and lasting results while safeguarding the integrity of your property. With a well-documented track record in effective pest management, Pest2Kill stands as the dependable choice in Drummoyne for top-tier rodent control services. Your well-being and peace of mind is our foremost priorities.

Birds Pest Control Drummoyne

When it comes to addressing the challenges of bird control in Drummoyne effectively, Pest2Kill stands as your trusted partner of choice. Our specialised bird control solutions are meticulously designed to combat the unique issues posed by avian pests in Drummoyne and surrounding suburbs. We employ cutting-edge techniques and tried-and-true strategies to deter birds from causing damage and disruptions to your property in a safe and humane manner.

Our experienced team at Pest2Kill comprehends the importance of preserving the aesthetic appeal and integrity of Drummoyne’s environment while ensuring that your property remains free from avian nuisances. With an unwavering dedication to excellence and a well-established history of successful interventions, Pest2Kill proudly holds the mantle as the premier option for specialized bird control services in Drummoyne. Safeguard your property and enjoy peace of mind with Pest2Kill’s dependable and proactive bird control solutions. Your satisfaction and tranquillity are our utmost priorities.

Bed Bugs Pest Control Drummoyne

While bed bugs themselves may be diminutive in size, the problems they unleash are indisputably formidable. Understandably, our clientele becomes quite distressed upon suspecting a bed bug infestation, given that these bloodthirsty creatures tend to leave behind a trail of irritating, crimson bite marks on their victims’ skin.

Confronting these nuisances requires the expertise of professionals. Get in touch with our dedicated team at Pest2Kill, and we’ll conduct a comprehensive examination, devising a strategic course of action to guarantee the eradication of bed bugs from your abode, ensuring you can once again enjoy restful nights of sleep!

Spider Pest Control Drummoyne

Pest2Kill is unwavering in its commitment to preserving a spider-free environment for your property in Drummoyne. Our spider control services, executed by seasoned professionals, are meticulously designed to ensure the safe and thorough eradication of spiders from your premises.

With a steadfast dedication to excellence and a proven history of successful interventions, Pest2Kill has solidified its standing as the top choice for spider control services in Drummoyne. Count on us for dependable and proactive spider control solutions, which not only safeguard your peace of mind but also prioritise your well-being. Bid farewell to unwelcome spiders – opt for Pest2Kill for effective and enduring relief.

Ant Pest Control Drummoyne

Ants are irresistibly drawn to the allure of sweet, viscous, and adhesive food ingredients. The moment you spot these tiny intruders in your residential or commercial space, it’s typically just the visible manifestation of a much larger and concealed ant population. Swift action is imperative to regain control over an ant infestation.

Pest2Kill takes great pride in its proficiency when it comes to effectively exterminating ants, employing an array of specialized products, including ant baits. Additionally, we offer personalised guidance on pre-emptive measures to forestall future ant incursions into your property. This might encompass the removal of a water source that may have gone unnoticed, among other strategic recommendations, ensuring your space remains ant-free.

Looking for Pest Control in Drummoyne or Termite Treatment in Drummoyne

Read what our happy customers have to say about our Pest Control and Termite Treatment in Drummoyne

Brad Berman
March 24, 2023

Phil and the team are absolutely amazing! Johnny came to our house and was professional and on time. Will use the team year on year and happy to refer them to anybody looking!

James Johnstone
February 27, 2023

All good things to say about Pest2Kill. All their staff are an absolute pleasure to deal with, they do thorough work and they take the time to answer questions and explain things. At our property, Pest2Kill have done thorough termite inspections, installed a termite monitoring system (which I've gladly renewed for a second year) and general pest spray. I've been happy with the service and work every time. Highly recommend.

Jing Tian
February 17, 2023

We have been using Pest2Kill services on an annual basis, and all the technicians are super friendly and professional (this year we had Brian), and the treatment work really well. Highly recommended!

Atanee supaongprapa
February 12, 2023

I had great experience starting from Waseem who I booked the service with. He was very helpful & patient answering all my questions. He was my main reason for choosing this company to do the work. James who looked after the Termite inspection. He was very thorough, efficient and polite. He worked with Kyle (also very polite) who came to spray my house. Both of them did an excellent job. I am happy with the work & will definitely use them again.

Beau Stewart
February 4, 2023

Taylor was very good. Very happy with his performance

Irene Joshy
January 28, 2023

Julián was prompt in his response- the first one to call me and was quick to fix a time for the treatment. Taylor who came to my place was súper profesional. He was knowledgeable, gave sound advice and was just really honest. No hard sell around products or second round of treatment. You are vulnerable at this time and it is so easy to sell to you but Taylor kept it simple and straightforward. Thank you Julian and Taylor

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