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Flea Pest Control
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Where does Pest2Kill Service?

Pest2Kill provides effective Flea Pest Control services Sydney wide including End of Lease Flea Treatments which is now mandatory in NSW.

What problems to fleas cause?

Fleas are common pests, especially for cat and dog owners. Fleas can be a problem even in properties where there have been pets in the past. During the warmer months, fleas will multiply at alarming rates thus it is essential to have an effective flea control program to end their life cycle. Fleas are parasites and will feed on both pet and human blood. Flea bites are not just an itchy nuisance, your pets can also develop allergies from flea saliva and fleas are known to transmit diseases.

Not sure where to begin? That’s okay, our flea control experts will discuss your problem and determine the most effective way to remove those nasty fleas and keep them away!

Sydney’s Trusted Pest Control Company

Pest2Kill are Pro Suppliers of Service Seekers and Oneflare, the most reputable directories in our industry. We hold 100% review scores on both sites as well as on HiPages giving you peace of mind you’ve appointed a reliable pest control service provider. We offer the best flea pest control in Sydney, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have flea problems.

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Targeted and Effective Flea Pest Control Methods

When it comes to pest control in Sydney for fleas, we’re the top choice. Pest2Kill uses a variety of professional anti-flea formulations, which are some of the safest on the market, to effectively treat specific flea problem areas whilst keeping your family and pets safe.

Inside the property, we will treat hard surfaces, rugs, carpets, sofas and under furnishing. We use specialised pest control flea treatments in roof voids, subfloors and treat outdoor areas.

Qualified Pest Controllers

Our expert pest technicians are familiar with all stages of the flea cycle to ensure targeted and effective flea removal and long-term management. We highly recommend annual flea control programs as a preventative.

Ending your lease?

Many tenancy agreements now include clauses requesting End of Lease General Pest Control Treatments. Evidence of unwanted pests may make it difficult to get your bond back, and real estate agencies may also insist on viewing a certificate from a certified pest control provider like ourselves. In NSW it is now a legal requirement for all pet owners to undergo an End of Lease Flea Treatment as well.

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Flea Treatment Preparation

We don’t leave anything to chance, and use only the most effective flea treatment methods to ensure your flea problem is solved.

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Before your flea treatment:

  • Vacuum all floors, carpets and furniture daily, paying particular attention to areas where pets rest. Ensure you seal and discard the vacuum bag immediately after vacuuming. Hardwood or tile floors can be mopped
  • Exposed food and kitchen utensils should be covered or removed
  • Remove pets from the treatment area and cover aquariums
  • Wash all pet bedding on hot setting and dry on the hottest allowable setting
  • Dogs and cats should be treated by a vet-approved flea control product the day before your home is scheduled for treatment
  • Clear toys, food, bowls and other items from shaded outdoor areas where pets rest

What to expect from your flea treatment:

The active ingredient found in products used for residential flea treatments have two residual components for maximum efficacy

  1. Pesticide – Designed to kill adult fleas and developing fleas (larval stage) on contact
  2. Insect Growth Regulator – Only affects larval stage fleas and prevents them developing into an adult (disrupts life cycle)

The treatment can take up to 1.5 hours (depending on house size) and you will need to vacate the premises during this time. You must then allow 2 hours for the product to dry before you re-enter. The product will be mostly concentrated around skirting boards, cracks and crevices and undisturbed areas beneath furniture, as this is where fleas mostly reside.

What to expect post-treatment:

Flea treatments following this method typically result in the immediate reduction of adult fleas. It is likely, however, that you may see adult fleas within 7-14 days of the initial treatment. These fleas were in the pre-adult (pupal) stage at the time of the treatment and have not yet come into direct contact with the product. Now that they have emerged from the pupal stage, they should die within hours of contacting the pesticide residue.

A three week follow up will be scheduled after the initial treatment

Before then, continued vacuuming is the best solution for your home for eliminating any individual fleas that survived the initial treatment. As long as you have followed all our advice, after the second treatment, you are then covered by our 6 month warranty.

Termatrac Certified

Domestic & Commercial Flea Pest Control

Pest2Kill serves over 5000 highly satisfied residential customers and a further 500+ commercial clients in the hospitality industry. With this in mind, you can trust Pest2Kill to provide the best general pest control services in Sydney.

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