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Rat Pest Control
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What does a Rodent Service with Pest2Kill entail?
  • Thorough assessment of your property to identify areas of rodent activity and entry points
  • Installation of secure rodent bait stations around your property and in the roof space, sub floor, and wall cavities
  • Sealing of any identified entry points using steel mesh to prevent rodents gaining access
  • We will also provide advice on housekeeping changes as part of your comprehensive rodent management plan
  • Follow up visit three weeks after initial service to confirm rodent colony are not bait-shy, monitor bait stations, reposition if necessary and replace bait
What are the main concerns with rat infestations?

Rats and other rodents can wreak havoc on your home and as prolific disease-carriers, they can also pose serious health concerns. They tend to make themselves at home in walls, ceilings, under floors or behind cupboards and boxes, and are more active at night. Rats in particular gnaw through everything and can cause costly damage to your home! Their love of gnawing through electrical wires is a fire safety concern as it can cause shorting-out of appliances or lighting fixtures. In addition, they can chew through plasterboard and contaminate food with their hair, droppings and urine. Interestingly, rats are incontinent and leave droppings and urine wherever they go, which as you’d expect can leave a nasty odour!

Pest2Kill provides the most reliable and effective rat pest control in Sydney. Our team of professionals specialises in humane pest control for rats, and we are able to remove them quickly and discreetly.

Reputable Pest Removal

Pest2Kill remains one of the most qualified and effective pest control services in Sydney. We hold 100% review scores on websites such as Service Seekers and Oneflare, which are some of the most-trusted directories in the industry. If you’re looking for a reliable pest control service, Pest2Kill would be the safest choice. We serve over 5000 residential clients, and we’ve removed many rat and other pest infestations from both homes and commercial properties. Whether you’re dealing with rats, fleas, mice, roaches, or silverfish, you can rest assured that we will remove them promptly.

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The Danger of Rats

Rats are some of the most common and dangerous pests in modern Australian homes. They are known disease carriers due to their ability to act as vectors for fleas. At the same time, rats tend to scavenge for food around various parts of your home, collecting dirt and grime as they travel. Their feces are a major health issue, as they can trigger allergies and spread many diseases.

Sydney Rat Problem

A rat infestation is most common where there are lots of people. As it’s the most populous city in Australia, there is an enormous rat problem in Sydney. Homeowners and commercial businesses turn to pest removal specialists like Pest2Kill for the long-term removal of rat infestations. The Sydney rat problem is difficult to solve, but we take it step-by-step and help each individual client keep their property free of these dangerous pests.

Qualified Rat Control

Utilising the latest and most-effective rat control methods, Pest2Kill can make sure that your rat problem goes away for good. We’re the top choice for rat control in Sydney because of our years of experience with dealing with various pests—including rats.

Humane Methods

While rats are harmful to our health and safety, they need to be disposed of without causing too much unnecessary harm. Pest2Kill offers clients humane pest control methods to get rid of rat infestations. Only if there’s a massive infestation will we resort to harsher and more toxic methods.

Ending your lease?

Many tenancy agreements now include clauses requesting End of Lease General Pest Control Treatments. Evidence of unwanted pests may make it difficult to get your bond back, and real estate agencies may also insist on viewing a certificate from a certified pest control provider like ourselves. In NSW it is now a legal requirement for all pet owners to undergo an End of Lease Flea Treatment as well.

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The Products We Use

We use the most researched and highly regarded anti pest products in the industry including:

Temprid 75 Bayer

Temprid 75


Goliath Gel Bayer

Goliath gel


Starycide Bayer



Dragnet Dust FMC

Dragnet Dust


Ditrac Rotenticide



Attrathor Ensystex



Maxforce Bayer



Sticky Traps Bell

Sticky Traps


Domestic & Commercial Rat Pest Control

Rats can contaminate various foodstuffs in pantries and kitchens, even if the food is well protected. They are known to gnaw through materials and even damage electrical wiring, making them even bigger risks to guests or members of your household.

When it comes to rat pest control services—Pest2Kill are the best in the industry. We serve over 5000 residential and a thousand commercial customers, meaning we have more than enough experience to deal with any infestation you might have.

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