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We provide effective ant pest control Sydney wide. Ants may not be perceived as disease carriers, but they actually are. Ants scavenge for food in the garbage, dog faeces and other unsanitary areas and then carry bacterias throughout kitchen surfaces and floors. Other problems with ant plagues include uncomfortable bites, unsightly ant trails and dirt mounds. Because of this, it’s essential that you enlist the help of a professional ant pest control service to get rid of them.

Sydney’s Trusted Pest Control Company

Pest2Kill are Pro Suppliers of Service Seekers and Oneflare, the most reputable directories in our industry. We hold 100% review scores on both sites as well as on HiPages giving you peace of mind you’ve appointed a reliable anti ants pest control service provider.

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Effective Pest Control Ant Treatment

Pest2Kill offers the most effective pest control ant treatments and consultation in the region. Ants are a common pest problem, and they can be difficult to get rid of without professional help. With the help of our experienced technicians, you can say goodbye to your ant infestation and enjoy a pest-free environment.

Targeted and Effective Methods

Ants love sunny climates, therefore Sydney temperatures provide prime conditions for ants to thrive.

When it comes to larger ant infestation problems, DIY products generally will not fully resolve an ant issue and re-infestation is common.

Our Pest Control technicians offer Ant Control methods that target specific ant species. We can resolve your ant problem quickly and ensure the products used are safe for your family and pets.

Ending your lease?

Many tenancy agreements now include clauses requesting End of Lease General Pest Control Treatments. Evidence of unwanted pests may make it difficult to get your bond back, and real estate agencies may also insist on viewing a certificate from a certified pest control provider like ourselves. In NSW it is now a legal requirement for all pet owners to undergo an End of Lease Flea Treatment as well.

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The Products We Use

We use the most researched and highly regarded anti pest products in the industry including:

Temprid 75 Bayer

Temprid 75


Goliath Gel Bayer

Goliath gel


Starycide Bayer



Dragnet Dust FMC

Dragnet Dust


Ditrac Rotenticide



Attrathor Ensystex



Maxforce Bayer



Sticky Traps Bell

Sticky Traps


Domestic & Commercial Ant Pest Control

Pest2Kill serves over 5000 residential and a thousand commercial customers, among them hospitality venues and government agencies. Our ant pest control services are unrivalled in the region, and we’re quick to offer assistance to our clients. We’re a highly regarded company, so you can be sure that you’re in good hands when you enlist our help.

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