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The experts at Pest2Kill have been providing customers across Sydney with professional, efficient and results-driven pest control services for almost a decade, earning them more than 750 five star reviews and multiple awards. As the number one trusted pest control company in Bondi, the fully licensed Pest2Kill team have serviced more than 7000 satisfied clients across Sydney. With professionally trained technicians, industry-leading pest control techniques and award-winning customer service, Pest2Kill provides unbeatable solutions to every pest problem in the Bondi area.

German cockroach infestation in the kitchen of a Sydney house.

Our Services

We provide Pest Management services Sydney-wide for our loyal customer base of both Residential and Commercial customers including Real Estate, Strata and Property Management agencies.

We offer residential and commercial treatments for:

General Pest Control


Bed Bugs



German Cockroaches




Termite Inspections

End of Lease Inspections

General Pest Control Bondi

Pest2Kill is the name you can trust for pest problems. We deal with all kinds of pests – cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, rats, spiders, fleas, and others. Sydneysiders prefer us as their top choice for general pest control, specifically in Bondi. We’re here to make homes and businesses pest-free.

End of Lease Treatment Bondi

If you own a pet and you’re about to vacate your rental property, it’s likely your real estate agency will request you get a professional end of lease flea control service, even if you don’t have any evidence of fleas. This might be listed as a clause in your contract, in which case you’ll need to organise a service and get a certificate as proof from a professional pest control company like Pest2Kill. We offer a fully compliant end of lease flea control service and digital certificate issued on the day.

Fleas Pest Control Bondi

Dealing with fleas in your home and office furniture can be quite a task. These minuscule pests can’t be seen easily, and they choose to lay eggs and nurture their larvae in the most tucked-away corners that are tough to access. Pest2Kill is your solution. Thanks to our smart technology and highly trained team, we have the expertise to rid your Bondi property of every single flea, along with their offspring and eggs.

Cockroach Pest Control Bondi

Cockroaches, commonly known as roaches, can be a real nuisance. They invade your kitchen cabinets, cause furniture damage, and emit unpleasant odours. Their tenacity makes them tough to eradicate.

But fear not – our professional cockroach control services ensure a roach-free environment in your home and office. At Pest2Kill, we utilise special chemicals that are harmless to humans yet lethal to roaches.

German Cockroaches Control Bondi

The German cockroach poses a significant threat when it comes to pest infestations. Their rapid breeding is astounding – just one female cockroach can lay up to 30 eggs in a single day. Drawing upon years of expertise, Pest2Kill has honed effective methods to eliminate these pests and their numerous eggs.

Moreover, we’ve mastered the art of stopping their breeding cycle. Whether it’s your home, office, store, or business grappling with a German cockroach infestation, Pest2Kill’s exceptional services hold the solution.

Termites Pest Control Bondi

Termites pose a significant risk to your property’s foundation. Their insidious activities involve tunnelling into structures, causing potential long-term damage. If you wish to ensure the endurance of your valued furniture and maintain the structural integrity of your home or workplace, addressing termites is a necessity. Our professional team at Pest2Kill are skilled at termite detection, eradication and prevention.

Rats/Rodents Pest Control Bondi

Nocturnal disturbances from scurrying, gnawing, and scratching can leave you sleep-deprived and frustrated. Dealing with rodents is a hassle, especially when trying to evict them.

Pest2Kill employs an exclusion-sealing process for rodent removal. By sealing entry points and strategically using traps, baits, and our expert knowledge of poisons, we’re equipped to handle the task efficiently. We assure you that rodents (including rats) will be completely eliminated from your Bondi homes and offices in no time.

Birds Pest Control Bondi

Are you facing the nuisance of pigeons, Indian Mynas, and other bothersome birds in Bondi? We provide specialised Bird Control services designed to address these challenges. Unwanted birds can cause damage to your property, equipment, and health. Our expert team understands Bondi’s bird-related issues and offers tailored strategies for each situation. Whether it’s pigeons, Indian Mynas, or other species, we have effective solutions to deter them and prevent further problems.

Bed Bugs Pest Control Bondi

One of the fastest crawling insects in the world are bedbugs. These tiny creatures are the vampires of the insect world. It is said that once a single bedbug gets into your home, it creates an infestation within weeks. Their presence in any property cannot be ignored because they feed on blood. As such, they cause humans a great deal of discomfort.

Bed Bugs are difficult to get rid of. The good news is the team at Pest2Kill is experienced in handling Bed Bugs. The chemicals and technology we use are highly potent against Bed Bugs ensuring they are all cleared out from your homes and offices in Bondi.

Spider Pest Control Bondi

Choosing Pest2Kill for your spider pest control needs in Bondi means choosing a team dedicated to your comfort and peace of mind. With years of experience and a deep understanding of local pest dynamics, we know how to effectively handle spider infestations while minimising disruption to your daily life. Our commitment extends beyond eradication – we aim to create a spider-free environment that allows you to fully enjoy your home without worry.

Ant Pest Control Bondi

Ants may be small and seem harmless, but they cause problems you are likely not aware of. They can carry harmful bacteria into your food, cause severe allergic reactions and even structural damage. If your homes are infested with ants, you can easily get rid of them with the pesticides, traps, baits and gums Pest2Kill have to offer. In a vibrant and densely populated area like Bondi, encountering ants is inevitable. However, we are fully equipped to expertly remove them from your property.

Looking for highly sought-after pest control services in Bondi? Look no further than Pest2Kill. With an impressive 750 5-star reviews, we stand as the top-rated pest control company in Sydney. Contact us today!

Looking for Pest Control or Termite Treatment in Bondi

Read what our happy customers have to say about our Pest Control and Termite Treatment in Bondi

Brad Berman
March 24, 2023

Phil and the team are absolutely amazing! Johnny came to our house and was professional and on time. Will use the team year on year and happy to refer them to anybody looking!

James Johnstone
February 27, 2023

All good things to say about Pest2Kill. All their staff are an absolute pleasure to deal with, they do thorough work and they take the time to answer questions and explain things. At our property, Pest2Kill have done thorough termite inspections, installed a termite monitoring system (which I've gladly renewed for a second year) and general pest spray. I've been happy with the service and work every time. Highly recommend.

Jing Tian
February 17, 2023

We have been using Pest2Kill services on an annual basis, and all the technicians are super friendly and professional (this year we had Brian), and the treatment work really well. Highly recommended!

Atanee supaongprapa
February 12, 2023

I had great experience starting from Waseem who I booked the service with. He was very helpful & patient answering all my questions. He was my main reason for choosing this company to do the work. James who looked after the Termite inspection. He was very thorough, efficient and polite. He worked with Kyle (also very polite) who came to spray my house. Both of them did an excellent job. I am happy with the work & will definitely use them again.

Beau Stewart
February 4, 2023

Taylor was very good. Very happy with his performance

Irene Joshy
January 28, 2023

Julián was prompt in his response- the first one to call me and was quick to fix a time for the treatment. Taylor who came to my place was súper profesional. He was knowledgeable, gave sound advice and was just really honest. No hard sell around products or second round of treatment. You are vulnerable at this time and it is so easy to sell to you but Taylor kept it simple and straightforward. Thank you Julian and Taylor

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