Rodent Prevention Service

Protect your home from mice and rats for $195.

A surplus of mice and cold temperatures are the perfect storm for increased rodent activity. Protect your home and family from rodents this winter with a three-step preventative service from the experts at Pest2Kill.

  1. INSPECT: A Pest2Kill Rodent Specialist will conduct a thorough internal and external inspection and rodent risk assessment of your property.
  2. PROTECT: Rodent Bait Stations* are strategically placed around the perimeter of your property and in hard-to-reach internal areas such as roof voids, subfloors, & wall cavities.
  3. REPORT: Receive a Rodent Prevention Report & Action Plan tailored to your property.

Safeguard your home with our Rodent Protection Service – only $195

*Rodent Bait Stations are lockable, tamper-proof containers.  The bait is fixed inside the station, eliminating any threat to humans and non-target species.

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