Pest2Kill Sponsors Mini Mos for the Third Year in a Row, Bringing a Pest-eriffic Good Time to the Mosman Community

by | Jun 19, 2023 | News

Pest2Kill, a multi-award winning pest control company located on Spit Road in Mosman, has once again shown their commitment to the local community by sponsoring the epic event that is Mini Mos. This year marked their third consecutive year of support for one of Australia’s longest running community fun runs organised by Mosman Public School. The event not only raises funds for the school but also supports a partner charity each year. Pest2Kill’s involvement brought many giggles, education, and a unique twist to the event.

A Swarm of ‘Pests’ at Mini Mos:

Determined to make a memorable impact, Pest2Kill assembled a team of enthusiastic race participants who embraced the role of giant cockroaches and rats. Dressed in hilarious costumes, the P2K ‘Pests’ fearlessly completed the 5km route, providing much entertainment and amusement to spectators along the way. Their antics were even featured on Channel Nine News!

Mini Mos on Channel Nine News

Pest2Kill’s Director, Phil, then took part in the 2km race alongside his five-year-old son, Jackson. Little Jackson, dressed as a mini cockroach, captured the attention of the crowd and took all the attention in his stride. What a legend!

Exploring the World of Entomology:

At the post-race fair, Pest2Kill ran an engaging stall that immersed children and their parents in the fascinating world of entomology. The star of the show was team member Jimmy, affectionately known as the ‘insectlopedia.’ With an unparalleled knowledge and passion for bugs, Jimmy shared his expertise and allowed brave volunteers to handle various insects, including his own pet spiny leaf insects. All went smoothly with the exception of a mantid making an escape – apparently his new home is the Mosman Public School playground now 😉 It went down a storm and some lucky kids even got to take home some spiny leaf insect eggs, so they can continue their entomology learning journey and become insect-breeders. Pretty cool!

Mini Mos Edible Bug Express: A Sustainable Protein Hit:

For the true creepy crawly enthusiasts, there was also a P2K Edible Bug Express sushi-train-style experience, offering unique treats such as Real Ant Candy, Churros Mealworms, and Salt and Rosemary Crickets. These unconventional snacks provided a post-run protein boost while highlighting the potential of edible insects as a sustainable food source… you learn something new everyday, hey! The stall quickly became a favourite destination for the children, who courageously indulged in these unconventional delicacies. Those who dared even got to take home ‘I Ate a Bug’ badge of honour.

Engaging with the Local Mosman Community:

“It’s been another stellar year sponsoring Mini Mos – one of our entire teams’ favourite days of the year!” comments Julian Bracewell, Director at Pest2Kill. “Thank you to Mosman Public School and the Mini Mos team, which is made up entirely of dedicated volunteers, for providing the community with this awesome experience every year and giving Pest2Kill the opportunity to get involved. It’s been a total blast seeing the kids get up close and personal with the bugs, and as always, I look forward to dusting off my cockroach costume and going again next year.”

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Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor


Phil Taylor is the Director of Pest2Kill, a multi-award winning Sydney pest control company servicing more than 7000 satisfied clients. With almost a decade’s industry experience, he is known for his expertise in providing safe and effective solutions to clients, specialising in rodent management. Phil's customer-centric approach and dedication to innovation have made Pest2Kill a trusted name in the field. Considered a pest control industry expert in Australia, Phil is often asked to provide commentary on the subject for leading media outlets and industry-specific publications, including The Daily Telegraph, Facility Perspectives and FM Media.

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