Five Tips to Keep your Café Pest-Free

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Commercial

There is nothing more damaging to your café’s reputation than customers encountering a cockroach as they’re about to tuck into their smashed avo on toast…

In addition to having regular pest control services with Pest2Kill, here are our top five tips for café and restaurant owners to ensure your business is kept free from unwanted diners.

1.Ensure bins are lined and emptied regularly and ensure you have no cracks or holes in your external wheelie bins.

2. Ensure all food scraps are swept up at the end of the day, especially the accumulation of debris underneath and behind large appliances.

3. Breakdown all cardboard boxes on delivery and discard of the cardboard as these are often a source of German cockroaches and their eggs.

4. Seal all holes or cracks in your kitchen, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. This can prevent entry from cockroaches and rodents.

5. Unblock and flush all drains regularly to prevent drain fly accumulation and conditions that are attractive for a number of different pests.

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor


Phil Taylor is the Director of Pest2Kill, a multi-award winning Sydney pest control company servicing more than 7000 satisfied clients. With almost a decade’s industry experience, he is known for his expertise in providing safe and effective solutions to clients, specialising in rodent management. Phil's customer-centric approach and dedication to innovation have made Pest2Kill a trusted name in the field. Considered a pest control industry expert in Australia, Phil is often asked to provide commentary on the subject for leading media outlets and industry-specific publications, including The Daily Telegraph, Facility Perspectives and FM Media.

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