Bed bugs are a problem in Australia due to high tourism and our own love for overseas travel. Bed bugs are commonly transported from infested areas in luggage and sleeping bags. Whether they’re in your home or hotel, bed bugs are most unwelcome bed guests causing much distress with their blood sucking feeding habits resulting in swelling, skin irritations and even allergic reactions. Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures which feed at night whilst we sleep. They tend to live in the most obscure crevices on mattresses, bed bases and lounges making them difficult to find let alone kill. These awful creatures are also practically immune to house-grade bug treatments. Bed bugs are definitely a pest best left for the experts.

Our effective bed bug control program for your hostel, hotel or home includes:

  • Thorough inspection of your home or building concentrating on sleeping areas
  • Treatment of safe professional-grade insecticides to bed bug affected areas, particularly crevices
  • Preventative advice is given including the recommendation and supply of specialised bed bug mattress protectors which will save businesses a fortune in the long term
Information! 86% of Australians claim they won’t stay at an establishment if a travel review website mentions bed bugs.

Hotel, Motel and Hostel Bed Bug Control Services

Pest2Kill understands your need for complete confidence when dealing with bed bug removal and maintenance. A bed bug problem can ruin your business and not just in revenue loss from rooms being unavailable. Any mention of bed bugs on a travel website review can ruin your businesses reputation. Hence we respond promptly to ensure bed bugs are effectively removed in the shortest amount of time. We highly recommend you follow our advice on preventative measures including bed bug mattress protectors and heat treatments. Early detection is important to prevent a bed bug problem from spreading into other rooms, therefore we also advise on regular inspections by our team of bed bug experts.

Pest2Kill are Pro Suppliers of Service Seekers and Oneflare, the most reputable directories in our industry. We hold 100% review scores on both sites as well as on HiPages giving you peace of mind you’ve appointed a reliable pest control service provider.

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